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and tincture of Indian hemp, with the result that the

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from two patients who were taking from 20 to 40 grains of chloral a day.

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the hope, that much more light may jet be thrown upon this

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progressive suffocation, cyanosis, and stridor rendered prompt tracheotomy

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diers, without the use of mercury. His principle had

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Cystic Bronchocele.— Mr. Henry Morris (Lancet, vol, i,

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The fundamental theories of acidosis have been so often presented

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Mc cutcheon: relation of addison's disease to amyloidosis 199

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He modestly calls his method a modification of Bassini' s operation, but it

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the shelves of a bookseller a dozen times, and think a

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figures {pp. cit.) are smaller than Waldenburg's and mine,

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strate urobilin in every instance, a point which may at times be of

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embryo, namely, by a folding over of the blastodermic layers

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occur 2-)a7-i passu ; or come on after the reflexes, and are

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with the low acidities encountered in gastritis alone.

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rate amount of blood. The vena cava was strongly congested, the

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tion, the fixed part turned inwards and the malleable part to-

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to decide the older the patient is, owing to the absence

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the stage of collapse, when, as a rule, there is a less

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a continuous statistical investigation and should be conducted throughout

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have seen the blood in the small vessels not only circulating from

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Missouri Medical College. Sixty 3 T oung doctors received their

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Musgrave and Clegg, however, recommend that in doubtful cases

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teachers customarily slight the slow and work only with the

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day the child began to sneeze and cough, these symptoms gradually

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the Medical care and treatment of the sick poor : and it re-

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tory as pre|)ared by Dr. Lacayo, house surgeon of the

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able to flex the leg as in the normal state, but every day the

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discharged in various directions, as already stated. The symptoms '

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as a pint of blood at one time. He has gradually be-

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tion in cases of liver disease from hour to hour and from day to

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down to the- aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle —

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Under the head of *' Notes and Queries," in the Mednul

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Questions about previous screening histories were asked

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infection is as common among them as among the native men, for

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in fome inflances, where, under an opponte treatment, it would

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