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in some by collapsed, lung-tissue. Cyliadrical dilatation of the bronchial

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to it as a cerebral affection. But, on the whole, this appears to be the best

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breast three years before she had it removed. It was removed

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nature of glanders. In this country the law is severe against

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the growth spread so rapidly that the entire chest became encased

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which for brevity's sake we call septic. Tubercle in tissues at

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satisfactory practice here recommended, by a paper by Mr. Henry Smith,

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mind its position as one of the main supports of the

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3. As rcirards the condition of tlie blood itself — extreme

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ness and of diarrhoea, he set off for England, and made out the

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case of " Accidental and Sudden Dislocation of the Liver,

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pointed out that in some respects Vincent's case presents unusual

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was found to be bluish in color, and the femoral artery

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size, but still perfectly distinct: one set are so minute that a

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each other's action or to partially annul it, according to laws which

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Her pulse varied considerably ; at times it rose to 106. As

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no pain, no desquamation, but in the affected regions

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the greatest adversaries of this theory have come round to our

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ing high up into the spinal cord (perhaps even to the

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and frequently goes as high as 105 in fort} r -eight hours.

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egg, on the mucous membrane, when, for instance, an injury of

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of its symptoms, it seemed to me that the case was worth

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larity so striking as it is described to be in the books. The paroxysm

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Morphinism and Narcomania from Opium, Cocain, Ether, Chloral, Chlor-

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which multiple fractions are delivered over a period of

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suitable for the production of lipase. It has been claimed that during

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(1) Prolonged Laryngeal Stenosis from some obscure Inflammatory

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patent marine glue. When large surfaces of glass are to be

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body be limited to 150, and that it be given a distinctive

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about the consistence of the ordinary Canada balsam used in mici'oscopic

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inflammatory tuberculosis) is that form or manifestation of tuberculosis

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