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I meant was not a criticism upon what Dr. Dugan said, but particularly
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" I have come to know whether you think I am deranged or not," said
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from those of the compact tissue of the shaft of the long bones that, under
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ance of being such— they exhibit an unusual feature in
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departments or branches of service. By the promulgation of these
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The diagnosis was, that the patient suflered from pyelitis as well as from
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In order to determine whether exposure to the sun has any effect
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of an antidote when I see it proved. Colonel Showers informs me
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process is an osteoarthritis, and the destructive changes in the joints proceed
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the amount of discharge, accompanied by washing out with antiseptic
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288.) Cardiac rales are most frequently systolic when the lung, partly
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are those with severe poisoning, with delirium, partial cyanosis
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some new clinical features make their appearance. The temperature
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assertion that Lobelia is a poison and produces death. On this part
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apply. It can not be worked on a plaster cast, as can wood and cellu-
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family, while it readily kills intestinal parasites.
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On motion the following committee was appointed tx) examine the
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valuable " Guide to the Practical Study of Diseases of the Eye;"
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one case rupture of the tubal pregnant sac had taken
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But most pernicious of all, if his temperature reached
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parents whose nervous systems are diseased, or who have
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If the suppression continue for several days, or if at any
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mation in connection Avith boAvels, prolsably large intestine. It
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fluids really ever reached the lungs, many authorities declaring
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ers, are instances of inflammation of the appendix or
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blood in the urine might be due to injury to the mucous membrane of
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rapporto ad una uuova teoria della clorosi. 35 pp. |
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" Thus it seems to be clear that the coagulation of the blood
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exhaustion of the pancreatic and hepatic functions.
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in one case, purulent bronchitis and influenzal tonsillitis, may give

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