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smear the eyes therewith; it heals the thinness of the

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third dorsal vertebra, which had caused pain in the region

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Radiologist, Chalmers Hospital, Edinburgh . . . 143

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ratio to the intensity, the loudness, of the murmur, whereas

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Augenaft'ectionen. Kliu.-tlierap. Wchnschr., Wien, 1898,

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September 28th. ā€” Patient takes a considerable quan-

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bacteria, and that there is a tendency for certain organisms to form

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rubber bottle, hitherto at the feet, was filled with boiling water and applied

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surroundings, and generally in tenements particularly defective

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it appears premature to ascribe everything to its influence.

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2. For sore of the breasts, take this wort cannabis

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tween genuine immunity and what Kelsch and Kiener have designated

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students could carry oui such routine observations side by

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glomeruli, another the tubular epithelium, or another the interstitial tissue.

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100 lectures each, or on one such course with two three

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yard, the epitaph on his tombstone saying simply: ā€œPatriot,

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Maryland M. J., Bait., 1886-7, xvi, 357. ā€” Buss {H. D.)

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a very unfavourable sign. I have notes of one case in which the thermo-

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Rules 2 and 3 may be received for transportation when encased in a

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without rupture, and the uterine extremity of the tube be

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remained cured for five or six years, altliough tlie patients

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one instance (the lower passenger deck of the Queen of the

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with newspaper reporters, science writers, TV and movie crews, representatives

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not rather the coincident results, merely, of the impression of some

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establish equilibrium, and then the special excitant of the

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as we have to go on. The rash after a little while be-

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Landolt describes the operation after having put it in practice " more

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many cases where a double lesion has existed, the diagnosis recorded has

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looked. About abattoirs it is a common practice to feed

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could not be ascertained. As will be stated more fully

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ure of union of the wounds by first intention, with

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to meet in full the current requirements for admission to the College. Trans-

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as to pathology, diagnosis, and treatment, than as affording any especial

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Tlie Diseases of the Ear, their Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

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of use. The relation of forests to health is now so well

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fatal. Thus a period of nearly eight years has elapsed since it spread

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ing will be held at 19 Boylslon Place, on Salurd.ay, April 29,

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valuable as they will probable be novel to some of his readers^

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