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be due to an inflammation of the cyst, probably from a

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for the latter procedure were fasting, dieting, physical

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and may be given in doses of 5 grains thrice daily in cachets.

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aloud, and understand what he reads. His three disabilities are that he

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of the ovum, the significance of the sounds produced by the heart and

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eagerly sought by the British medical profession. There

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nurse, the dose was run up to twenty-two drops of the

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nectomy was finally decided on. The spleen was very large,

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writings, with an accurate detail of the microscoj)ic structure

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There are other methods more or less empirical which may be

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wealthy farmer: he gains gratification by means of injuring another;

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spoonfuls of the tincture given either with or without a purge,

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fluid blood and some sheet-like clots lay in cavities formed ex-

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the bladder may form a lengthened urethra, or it may remain short

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or a gold medal of that value, was awarded to the author of a dissertation on " the pathology and treat-

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nearly three years ago; it regressed and still maintains its good

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however, it seems reasonable to suppose that some underlying re-

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ting properties. Dr. Guillaumet employs the follow-

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of the rotatory movement. If he had done no more lie was i)erfectly satisfied.

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ing area. The usual treatment of blistering, diuretics and alteratives

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ing in the morning. If the tendency of the eyes is inward

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teration exist in any branch of the vascular system the circulation

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correction of the kyphosis. l>v varying the position of the

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carbonate of lead may do considerable good. In the event of

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which possesses the power of clearing up these opacities

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Saturday, November 1st: Manhattan Medical and Surgical So-

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Such a variety of causal conditions renders the study of malarial

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i This fact was by some regarded as furnishing presumptive evidence that small-

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siology. Prepared especially for Students of Medicine,

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A special form of nutriment in COITStrMPTION. and where- there is a tendency to other •WASTING- and

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In suspicious cases, even before the discovery of sugar in the urine, grape-

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After continuing the use of it for some months, his skin began to

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the body exposed to the action of the light are always

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products, newly-discovered physical powers and laws, have

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