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twenty-four hours. There had been nothing in the history, so

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siderably increased, although no sign of returning motility has

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with a clamp. It should have a slight pelvic curve;

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Emplast. canth. abdomini. Ol. ricini Sss. quarta qq. h.

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As the alvine dejections of the sick are beyond question the medium

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D.scussion-Dr. Tom A. Williams, D.scus^sion-Lr. W . P. Carr, Washing-

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Travers, Mr. on the |>liysiology of iT>flamma-

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brownish stains in the 'matter ejected, or other evidence is given of effu-

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earache in both ears. The integument of the external auditory

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He must serve a year of successful interneship in an approved hospital.

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the wound, hoping that it would heal by granulation.

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exhibits a cavity which must have inclosed a vessel measuring .3 mm,

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while Krehl and Broadbent oppose this view. The author believes that they are

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if they burst and are treated carelessly, may result in obstinate ulcers.

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crisis a gradual return may be made to the usual forms of solid foods. Page^

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placed against the skin. It can be laced, but it is preferable to employ

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register. There are about twenty -six of those gentlemen

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tween the chemical condition of the stomach-contents and

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circumstances of his life, but to anyone whose perception of the char-

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posterior part of the caecum by the perforating ulcer.

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that, where cardiac failure has supervened in granular kidney, some of the

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Tho Mwollinff of tho jitjditory canal now, howuvor, Ix'famc very

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the last few years he had seen several cases of pneu-

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giving names they are called to this day ; in many other regions he

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epigastrium, the local uneasiness from which was frequently

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disease were prpnounced, but the source of the poison was not appa-

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existing between the elimination of uric acid and urea, and are in-

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yet be liable to infection from other kinds of syphilitic matter

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vicarious of some other and more dangerous condition like cere-

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cava. There wert> no evidences of abdominal or pelvic: dis-

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in our hands, that we had lost $40,000 or $50,000 ; and I don't think they should have asked any

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ous exhaustion or the breathing of a vitiated atmosphere.

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met at Indianapolis on July 12-14, and examined 118 applicants for

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nitrites, such as the nitrite of amyl.nitro-glycerine, and

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5. The Employment of the Sponye Tent for the Belief of Flexions

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The Scottish campaign broke Cromwell's health. In September

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deal that we consider of importance, particularly the chapter

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