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time, especially at night. The extensibility of the uri-
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may not occur until some time after the injection of gas or after
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and atrophic-looking ; and the connective tissue increased. It must be
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unyielding), it was with difficulty made to pass the
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His, and these may exist for years before the clinical picture becomes typical.
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form of the first portion of the internal carotid and its
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abnormal thinness of the uterine walls. In my own experi-
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mainly of a marked alteration of the blood, congestions of internal
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bearing him in grateful remembrance, and that the associations formed
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In a little work, entitled " The London Surgical Home ;
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for a period of thirty minutes to two hours, with intervals of
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Linossier and Lannois' showed in 1894 that guaiacol was absorbed
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carried out in an arc-light cabinet. In every case of
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for the presentation of our accomplishments to all really interested!
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acute inflammatory disorder. He takes cold, sufiers from
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symptom of this class are the pains in the muscles and joints which are
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on the peritoneal surface of Douglas' fossa or on the posterior surface of
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the uterine and peritoneal cavities, had discharged them-
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vails to such an extent that the Cliief Inspector of tlie Canadian Cattle
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D. W. YANDELL, M. D., and H. A. COTTELL, M. D., Editors.
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ducted by Dr. N. Emmons Paine of West Newton, a fine new
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with, even if you do not see this result accomplished, you have lost no
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sternum, the inner part of the four upper ribs, and of the clavicle;
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and 19.9 per cent of female general paralytics. — British Medical Journal.
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There are a number of good illustrations. The frontis-
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among visitors, and travelers all comment on the glare.
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More disagreeable and annoying is the very common habit

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