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fat falls to its original amount with the poorer rations. Rhodin (48)

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education in this branch of medical science. These, he

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furniture, carpets, curtains, etc., wearing apparel, edibles^ as coffee,

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Some of the reasons for considering poliomyelitis an insect-borne

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relapses are rather frequent. If, notwithstanding the

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5,000 to 10,000 cells per, this increase being almost entirely in the lymphoid

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aged fifty-three, Scotch, who has led the ordinary life of a housewife,

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munization practices, or by the State health officer where

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character. In addition to the pain manifestly dependent ux)OU le-

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there is a medical treatment for gall-stones and a surgical treat-

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will meet with general professional approval. It honors an eminent

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and his mother of phthisis, was never ill until eight years ago,

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until the present attack. She claimed to have always drunk boiled water or

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kidney) which should exhibit properties similar to the

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tom, unless the non-existence of stenosis was ascertained by

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an experience, not too complimentary to the profession, whicli is worth

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life, and determined the time and manner of his death ; for, as

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give up the hypothesis of a change of lumen at the auscultation spot of

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References: 1. Kales J, etal: Clin Pharmacol Ther /2.691-

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in a way, an equation containing two unknown quantities which is impossible of

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that of the toxalbumins ; but it appears that no anti-

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Fio. 13.— Lumbar enlargement. (Prom 7?miH, Parts Ixxiv.-v. 1806.)

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same Hospital of the same disease. For instance, in the

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which is a serious mistake. 'The patient should be weighed

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disease is limited ; it cannot indicate the extent of the tuberculous lesion in

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portance of their early recognition, and the disastrous

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as ascites, or some disease of the lungs." — pp. 3MB, 31&

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revised and enlarged edition. 569 pages. Illustrated.

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was done without hesitation because of a recent in-

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have this effect, and thorough, constant ventilation, with the breathing of

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He mentions the seasons in which the marshes are noxious, and the

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appreciation should be shown by the Corporation of these reports,

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readily brought into evidence by centrifugalization and by staining. If,

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