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the Tolnntarj muscles ; contortions of the muscles of the face, were in like manner produced.
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tion of them have their origin in the marrow, others in the
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three hours later, pains were felt, and the cervical canal was dilated.
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are present in high concentrations and result in pro-
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there are also the above-mentioned terminal products of starch digestion.
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with malignant disease of the larynx, and that is by total extirpation of
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among that class of medicines. The sulphate of iron is the most mark-
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1 ccaaionally compromised tin- matter by allowing the long hair to
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tion ; lips pallid ; articulation slow and measured ; respiration accelerated with pro-
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are either destroyed, suspended in action, or fixed.
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and Staff Associates. Deferments are arranged by this office through
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of disease, and may occur in various diseases, either limited to one organ
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ansemia is associated with impaired nutrition of the nervous system,
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reflex action on the collective movements in determining the
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shall the patient be kept on a liquid diet? The latest
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iotusceptibiliiy, and greater power of epidemic diffusion.
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trichinosis, glanders, acute multiple neuritis, acute
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der Fractiireu an den unteren Extremitaten. Centralbl.
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The most Btriking testimony to the interest we, as a Pro-
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excludes the inmates of the Richmond and Croydon work-
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would appear to be assimilated to iodine, and that the sub-
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instances of the transformation of innocent into malignant
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Because the whispered voice sound was distinctly audible only between the
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recall my heart's wish that you may ever enjoy undis-
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within the cells I have been able to demonstrate when
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not with the idea of using a splint on the fractured or
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tissue just behind the incisor teeth, tubercular nodules over soft palat
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Pro/fssor 0/ Therapeutics^ University 0/ /'eimsytrania.
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dislocations,— by rest, splints, &c. The pessary is preferred to external
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of dealing with the insane finds more favour, and has received
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about the disposition and prepared the soil upon which the ubiquit-
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sort of bellows arrangement made it possible to exhaust the chamber
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tumor in the abdomen. Upon opening the abdomen I could find no
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in epilepsiele par^iale. Ibid., 81-89.— Bniiics (A. H.)
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