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came to the United States in 1873, settling in New York

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the disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which will presently be de-

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public health, is beyond question shown by the combina-

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ration in a mild season," (Qu. when the season is mil J, or when

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open. All tuning forks are heard longer by air con-

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Flgnre ihowiiig the interpenetntion and foiion of the extremitiet of two ftiaiform

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with some small flakes of coagulable lymph on its surface; at all other

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abdomen, and gauze sponges tucked about it entirely j

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Cerebellum. Edinger (Neurologisches Centralblatt, October

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In all these classes of cases the colon bacillus has been found either

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since then 12 cases have been published. In the Philip-

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the cases from my work is given below ;* and when we recol-

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will, we devoutly hope, be spread abroad, not only in the

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School of Medicine, Farmington; THOMAS P. MEEHAN, M.D.,

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districts and parishes in which close attention is paid to main-

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♦•^ peated attacks of malaria, we may have extensive lysis of the red cells

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proved fatal, then I should consider that bleeding might

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exists or not cannot be determined owing to the edema. The

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2'eit?chrift fur;'ygiene tnd Inf ectionskrtnkhei ten,

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clinical departments. Knowledge and skills unique to the

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third day. A point to which Senator draws attention is that when scarlet

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and in the wife (on the ordinate). For the entire sample, the

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the most noted. It is also found to exist extensively in Cen-

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the prudence of him who rode Lord Maynard's mare in the

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three contributions of the first importance — a clear

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bi'ali cicatrizzati col clorato di potassa. Atti d. xi. <:ong.

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anus. Within the posterior commissure, and'nearly^an

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first negro case, Dana that of an American Indian. The two sexes are

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of tlie Fellowship of the Society laid before the Council on

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the elevation in the tube. The pressure is increased or dimin-

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malarial infection an increase in the elimination of phosphoric acid during

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a steep slope, a few minutes' walk brings me to the most

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ton ; St. Marylebone ; and St. Pancras parishes, two members

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