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of the country’s population lived in urban areas. 4
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Prophylaxis. Sometimes in the last two to six weeks headaches, impaired
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are driven to admit a poisoned condition of this fluid, produced either by t
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M.D., F.R.S. ; John Miles, Esq. ; Sir John W. Fisher;
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and that she had no difficulty in walking, even in the dark,
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encephalitis, he will see that the nucleus of the third pair, a grey column situated under
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of pneumonia, but whose temperature never reaches 101.7° Fahr.,
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Vaugiian, Surgeon J., Bombay Army, to be Surgeon-Major.
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Griffith and Cohu (Quart. Jour. Med.. lt)10. ill. 13()) to ex])lain almost identical
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toms are noted, asthma, neuralgia, and headache. After this treatment
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wards and outwards, passing to the inner side of the nipple until it reaches
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parasite is a worm resembling the trichina spiralis, but much smaller, its
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that the now almost obsolete " granny knot " was still used by
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Case hi. John M., waiter at an hotel, married, aged
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movement, and from that time on tdl his death, ten days
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The Medical Observer; containing an impartial account of Advertised
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moved to the clinical amphitheatre of the hospital,
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removed from the remaining digits. To replace the cicatricial tissue
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of the medicine were rejected. Many of the children were sleepy during the
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never before taken a fee of a clergyman you must not complain of
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probably eight feet high, and accidentally fell over backward, alight-
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some physicians to the larger amounts of liquid food forced upon the stomachs
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C. H. Hughes, M. D., and an associate corps of collaborators.
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diately after a debauch. Habitual intemperance probably acts in a similar
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Rovsing believed that acid cystitis is invariably due to the tubercle bacillus,
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but there are dozens of other instances which misrht
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very knowledgeable and articulate AMA Trustee with us
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ing physicians to connect themselves with the county
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blade suffi'-iently to effect the section of a stricture
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another by iodide of potassium were reported. .-\. com-
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If a person is tired he is tired, and that is all there is to
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ordinary hospital-trained nurses are a nuisance. I like to
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prizes awarded at the examinations held at the termination of
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grew after Gross’ s lead, ligation and division of the ductus
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poses, it would be wiser to leave the whole matter of the exam-

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