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ket to place his hands in a barrel of bichlorid solution con-
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Dr. Davis, bringing as he does to his specialty a great
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in the muscles; it is worse if the patient is excited or emotional. Bilataal
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and vessels of the pia, and the appearance, on the section surfaces
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downwards, jjrevented the forehead from returning from the lateral into an
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bling those he was trying to pronounce. Thus far, his case resembled those
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success. The results of our limited experience using intra-
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and training, which, in addition to his recognized stand-
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quent, and when it does occur, is rarely overcome ; moreover, it ap-
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to other distant parts of the body where they plug the vessels
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result must be a great satfsfaction to the surgeon,
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The authors mention the contamination of beer with lead from the
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but very many of the cases can be, and are benefited in the long run
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more or less abundant here, as well as beneath this membrane. The outer
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crease in severity and was especially felt in the mastoid
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7. E[)idemics run a certain course, as respects duration, and abruptly end,
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be restored, and a supply of blood, sufficient to maintain life
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finger. Nearly all of these lived, and seven grafts were added three days
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still some paralysis at the time of the report, and it is
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the source of disease." Ibid. p. 80. " Mercury is the most violent of
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Acystina, in which the schizonts and garaetocytes ai-e alternately free and
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At a meeting of the Medical Board of this Hosjiital, held
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been otherwise, we do not doubt that numerous cases of reflex
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c.c. of the Pasteur Institute serum, or 3,000 units
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ments made for this operation, but after one has become well
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0.3° below it, about an hour aifter the end of the siance.
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varies greatly, the fat being from 20 per cent to 30 per cent, with extremes of 10
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One condition he thought was a contra-indication to the use of Tufnell's
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I have mentioned the singularly deep depression of spirits so inva-
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Distribution of Medical Supplies in the Zone of the
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distinct forms are not so numerous as the species of the genus Culex. In
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Internal Revenue Code for organizations like it, and
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all experience at this time decides in favour of opium, in one
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natural laws, but the laws themselves remain fixed and

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