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particularly those affecting the organs of digestion. A moist
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mammals. The next step was taken by Mr. Waterhouse, who was
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the liver at the time of the outbreak. Every malarial fever, in other
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that probably there is no single remedy that is not inoperative in a
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(Mr. May) said that the antiseptic plan of treatment was adopted at the Royal
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The latest and fullest statistics of the results of operations
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lumns, having the two hearts or ventricles for common bases.
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Path, und Ther., vol. i ; Virchow, Geschwulste, vol. i\
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suggested that the partial blindness for the first few hours
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been insusceptible for many years. Unknown causes peculiar to certain
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favorable results, and in suggesting the most appropriate measures
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secretions and great vascularity fit it for dealing with both insolu-
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commencing Midwifery Practice. By Joseph G. Swaynk, M.D.,
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Half of this group were to be board certified in the
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number and force of the heart-beats, indicate a defective or
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Intra-rectal Transfusion. In giving the salt solution by the rectum
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Elimination by the bowel should be kept up by purgatives as
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taken to avoid burning the healthy vaginal tissue at a distance
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by a sum of nearly £400. The legacies received during the
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obtained may therefore fairly be taken as positive, in one sense, inas-
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for the purpose of discussing with him certain topics
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outgrown and of which as a child he was secretly ashamed.
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ed in the urine, have heretofore been unexplained or have led
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key in Children, with Remarks on Chronic Alcoholism, . 521
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Group III., the absence of blood in the intersheath space was
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conditions of hernia his operation is still advisable, but
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modern times. Doctor Colles administers it successfully in
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their direction or prescription, for the cure or pre-
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than an hour. Every parent knows that they do have such lessons, and, in
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of entamebic dysentery. Note the reticulated structure of the cyto-
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sound normal; transverse dulness normal Pulse very .small ami
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either in the course of acute infectious disease or otherwise produced. Not
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H. Draper, Am. Med. Times, Aug. and Sept., 1864. W. W. Gerhard, Am. Joar.
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