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headache and other pains, hot, dry skin, flushed face, etc., being our

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Georgia — Mr.W. A. Miller, Illinois — Dr. F. N. Smith, Iowa — Dr.

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lactic acid after a flour-soup test-meal ; hsematemesis, the loss

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The Treatment of the Malposition of the Lid Border in Tra-

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Operations at the Metropolitan Free Hospital, S p-m. ; St. Mark's Hospitiil

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begins at the fifth rib midway between the nipple and

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The osteopath treats the vaso-motor nerves as though

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emerged. Was it love of fame and the hope of reward, fos-

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growth of the bacilli, would be followed by spore production.

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in the cause of vaccination, with much of my pecuniary

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temperance, and from that period to the 31st of December,

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1884. This cut shows appearance of stump at the time of the second re-amputa-

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Street from September, 1911, to March 18, 1912, and after March this

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of obliterations showed scars, fibrous bands, adhesions,

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|6.oo, net; leather, $7.00, net. With illustrations in black, cloth, $5.50, net; leather,|6.5o,«^i'.

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know everything and practice surgery as well as medicine, and

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fails to reveal any distinctive lesion. The musde fibers have a loose appo^'

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used for the preparation of the a<i:ar, was a most important factor. The result

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Let him search out a brand of hypodermatic tablets that meet

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inaries, and an accurate presentation of their principles

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land, a disease apparently the result of a distinct morbid poison

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filamentous layer. The growth of new colonies takes place by

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The second case of this nature that came to my notice was

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of Inguinal Hernia," He advocated the idea of opera-

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his conservatism. He does not wish to employ a method, the

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and colon or not. In many cases of gastro-intestinal disturb-

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comfort, and happiness of each citizen, and to secure the peace and prosperity

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increased muscular development of its coats. It is 11 in. long and measures

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how cautious we must be in taking it for granted that death has

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arresting the disease, the measures heretofore employed to prepare the

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parturient apoplexy in the cow; and in pigs it is a common

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tween laboratory results and dairy conditions as shown up by the

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of the trigeminus being active ones of secretion, we know

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rubber bottle, hitherto at the feet, was filled with boiling water and applied

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