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winding, irregular shape. Its parts are the vestibule, semicircular
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Boston Theatre, forty-two per cent of the men on one
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1 Comj)t. rend. Soc. de biol, May 24, July 5, 1912.
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concerning the carrying out of the law), double the fees are to be paid.
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generation of physicians. This is an age of rush in every
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exaggerated as to be readily perceptible to the finger, and to occur on
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participate in the proceedings and discussions of the
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take up your time by discussing general principles. Gas-oxygen, which
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des Nervenverlaufs in der Riickeuhaut von Rana fusca.
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Mr. I)., a lawyer, has a wife and four children. He occu-
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" On the posterior surface lie will discover by the touch that the
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to still greater contraction ; spasmodic, if you like. I have never detected any
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proxime ^ Simiis, as the Australian and even the highest known
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reduced, then — if it seems necessary — both of the methods might be
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had remained of the same size since the first month.
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tion ' will not be present, and for this reason children com-
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kidneys and salivary glands. My friend. Prof. Ford, made extensive use
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of their statements to him that Miss Russell was about
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aud Ilibetuiftii fiieiids may like to take advimtiigri of the occasion
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very knowledgeable and articulate AMA Trustee with us
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The conjoint paralysis of the palate and vocal cords indicates lesion
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have assumed that close on half of the persons at present affected with
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case was one of chronic peritonitis with chronic in
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point to have in view during this stage of the operation is to efiFect perfect
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thence back to the heart. When the artery alone is wounded, the blood,
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given as to who a homceopath is, why he should not be
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accompanying fall in the physique and general efficiency of the
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escharotic (caustic), such as powdered blue vitriol, is the
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Case 33, at Ulm, June 27th, 1852. A| breathing, the pulse suddenly ceased. Va-
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profession and out of it. Whether it be a sprained ankle,
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use it. I find, on referring to my notes, that several of those pa-
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for the pancreatic disease to ulcerate into the duodenum for
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idea of disease being an entity, a positive existence,
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one will doubt or deny that much, very much of what is contemplated,
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having a rainf^ of about 22 inches annually only, contrasting strongly
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but as an ordinary digital examination always informs us what the

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