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ing high up into the spinal cord (perhaps even to the
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Etiology, — Beyond heredity, no cause is known. Partial
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The pancreatic liquor concurs with the bile in the production
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whom are found Drs. Meigs and Huston, of the Jefferson Medi-
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the sigmoid flexure. All that could be found by care-
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teaching in winter, he was compelled to submit to a
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!itream of blood is driven with great force into the pulmonary artery, and
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massage, and any extensive passive motion after that time should
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4. Between the dura and the external cerebral face a simi-
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measure from the results of treatment. " Ubi irritatio, ibifluxus
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The ancients recognized the existence of different kinds of matter
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of the fact that when the case has advanced to atrophy, before
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tained filariffi two mature specimens of the worm. With
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size. Atrophy subsequent to optic neuritis."] No facial deviation, and none
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very difficult to push the extreme end of the salmon gut mto
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no serious loss is proven to have been sustained. Such are awarded
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The genus Glossina belongs to the sub-family Muscinje, of
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discussion, a case was described in which a woman had prematiu'c
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hii?morrhage into the gray matter of the cord in the lower cervical region
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Properties. — Emetic in large doses ; in small doses expec-
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;it // than a1 /< \/i//.r.} One-fourth ///< natural
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the starch in food, causing it to be taken up by the supplementary
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reviews the developmental stages in operative methods for the
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degree of pigmentation in areas normally pigmented the areolse, especially
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(a) Communi''ated to the Medical Society of London by the President,
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tions may, and usually do, cause painful menstruation before
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$200,000 deposited with State of Nebraska for protec-
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The American Journal of Pharmacy. .Jan., Feb , March, 1875.
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the object of the present publication. We have heard too much
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dosage so determined, its use may be more convenient in
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39. Yi), T. F. AND (.i i man. A. B.: Study of the para-
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of cancer cases occurring in their neighbourhood, together with

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