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both these organisms may pass through unharmed. The gastric as well

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5 Hull, A., Brit. Med. Journ., 24th November 19 17. ^Lee, Brit. Med.

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A cause whose influence it is difficult or impossible accurately to estimate

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vagina, accompanied by profuse leucorrhoea. On exam-

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Bliss had seen the case, and diagnosed an ovarian cyst. The

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cause certain types of paitial epilepsy, with or without paralysis of the con-

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Dr. Apjohn : I beg to state it is not true that I have ever

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Montgomery met with a case in which abortion took place, with a considerable

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these, of course, by the nervous system. A hyperoxy-

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Hutchinson, and ■s\ith him some of the English dermatologists,

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operation, with the exception of being free from pain. About three

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tion that had met with not a little adverse criticism from the

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in 1869, she began the study of medicine in 1872 at

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circular. This I have observed both in my own and in

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number, and include neurasthenia, neuritis, reflex or re-

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Office Surgeon-General U. S. Marine Hospital Service.

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elucidate the question under consideration. He could not help thinking

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one item which is always a family affair and which is

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the skin adheres to the top of the humerus, at the large tubercle where

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Oakum, as an absorbent of discharges from gun-shot wounds, as

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cellular formation of pigment, because the i)igment is also found free

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fore. In response to a question he said that he did not

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— Maybe it’s only a rip-off world (Headlee): 9-8

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diagnosis was clear on clinical grounds blood films were not to be

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The average duration of these cases has been seven to nine

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eine den Ausfuhrungsbestinimungen des Bundesrats genau entspre-

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the alcohol is withheld ; in fact, it sometimes does not occur until after the

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Kelsch and Kiener likewise observed cases of typhoid in the

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follow sooner or later. The level of the greater curvature will of

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into the fold of the anterior groin and traction made downward.

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colour than the adult people. The skin, however, is not whitish,

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