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(/). The Overcrowding of the Population. — As the epidemic was
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guaiacum, camphor, ammonia and opium. Stimulants alone are much
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plains of severe frontal headache. The real nature of the
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In attributing skin manifestations to malaria one must always have in mind the
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The Report of the Rivers Commission on the Pollution of the
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Upon visiting him on the 7th, his symptoms were much chang-
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pectoration. Excruciating pains of a lancinating character,
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passages is resisted by an involuntary effort at expulsion, a
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diagnosis of the different discharges from the male
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years, it may break out afresh on the slightest provocation. When
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sidered that inunction was by far the quickest and most
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barb. 5 cases ; assatoetida, 4 cases : Iceland moss. 3 bales: hellebore
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iodide of potassium had been increased to forty grains
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In other cases, liquid effusion remains and progressively accumulates,
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young subjects. The modifications produced in the periosteal adhesions by
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basophile substances, as the protoplasm of lymphocytes and Turk's irritation
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over the ends of the gauze drains and tube. A single
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described would constitute a peculiar type or variation to which sep-
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In an autumn morning of the sunny South, or amid the flower-clad prairies of
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As an expression of my grateful feelings for the kind at-
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not so well, and continued failing, till the 16th he died.
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All ulcers, gangrenous patches, phlyctenae, etc., should be dressed
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origin, a matter which is still controversial for the
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eases are more or less affected by these effluvia."
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hundreds of native huts in many parts of Africa and India, have
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a bluish red, then brownish, with green borders, then yellowish — sev-
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as well whether this loss in bodily weight exists in psycho-
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ing; pulse 114; skin cool; she could now breathe through
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prejudices of a large portion of all ranks in the army.
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experiments. A fresh egg was dissolved in 200 grams
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was now ordered to continue the use of it every hour, in half
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Queen has been pleased to direct letters patent to be passed
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2. Short promenade again ; then a cold compress. 3. Towards
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for infection should be made. Although empiric antibiotic
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