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encompassed by the anterior end of the head. At the same time it is
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198 Proceedings of the Obstetrical Society of Boston. [August 17,
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Though the subject is dealt with here in as practical a manner as is
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de mid. July 25, 1896) collected many cases affecting the respiratory passages. — 12.
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ary to empty the uterus immediately. Dr. Anderson introduced a
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cinoma, high levels of anti-VCA (86% > 1 : 160, geometric
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The most if not secure fastening of your chamber-door is a common bolt on the
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nitrate d argent dans Ic traitcnicnt des maladies des
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be considered as chronic. The term acute dyspepsia^ however, is applied
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Is not the same true of other valuable agents? In the first
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all forms of dressings should be sterilized in such a
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performance of its functions, a certain definite amount of
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wriggling and writhing, and preceding defecation, is intestinal.
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using a glass syringe some days before. On examina-
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cardium. which they have studied with the x-ray. The
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lateralward. The incision in the vein is indicated and
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flaccid atrophic paralysis, the reactions of degeneration, and the lost
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against the round worm. In large doses an acrid emeto-cathartic
antabuse two days
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the temperature, made her comfortable, and relieved the pain. A dram
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as mentioned just above. Certain deformities in the thorax in the
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selective form of application, such as the Lapicque condensers, which pick out
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lopian tube, into which its fibres extended, though
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referable to the right groin or sometimes to the umbi-
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usually most violent. The spontaneous pain, which is due to the affec-
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tion. It suffices to saj' that it is a depressant to the
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Descending degeneration. — In localised diseases of the spinal cord, such
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in consequence of which " the motor cells no longer
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of her mental work, so that some of the pressure that is back of
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ago of metritis or sloughing from too prolonged pressure, of
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invasion of microorganisms. This pressure eft'ect is most likely to occur
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favorable conditions will be present. Local infiamma-
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compelled to drink, and the attacks of coughing and choking which
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the inferior limbs and the abdomen. If the upper dorsal

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