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sections have the disadvantage that the parasites themselves

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does not seem to do any good I see by the papers that

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sion ; absence of hemorrhage and hence better aseptic liealing.

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trust the outlines I have exhibited of his practice

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skin, may be based on a sudden attack of vomiting, with high febrile

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found close behind the ring, which had strangulated the bowel

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(a) Parathyroid; (b) Anterior lobe ; (c) Adrenal cortex ;

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joints above and below the fracture in a long bone are used

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cine is first commenced; but as the patient becomes

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quit this rock and, trusting to sundry pilots, try to plant

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In the year 1835, the former, through his pupil Frankel, announced

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of a dead bullock to his pigs, which were speedily attacked with anthrax,

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been attributed to the effect of exercise, capable of elevating the natural

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never a cause of phthisis : on the contrary, he thought that small

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and tin- hot season, in Bombay .„ ln( ah inta. th.-j disappear m the rains!

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and the reports of these are not easily accessible. There

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standards, acceptance does not imply endorsement by this journal, and the publisher reserves the right to reject any

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most various abnormal sensations in and around the globe, of a

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leaders. After lunch, you will meet with your own elected representa-

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in all sorts of inflammations. He previously accepted

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of a suitable paste or salve. The dressing may be preceded by the

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evening the pulse was 172, the respirations 84 in the minute; the

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Even in these cases, when most of the older, more respectable, and

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results of the Mellanbys, I devised an experiment to contrast the

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with granulations and frequently ulcerates. Where the sac wall is

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experiment, aigue," " .\rchiv. de physiology," 1895, p. 484.

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day, the macules have become somewhat paler, though still distinctly

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third year, and be free from ulceration, alterations in the skin, veins,

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metritis and, incidentally, the sterility, the author is of the opinion that the

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I consider this defecation of a baby as a missing link, lost

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