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at first Professor Crookes thought that he had to deal with these, but all
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any marked difference between English children brought
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well as in adults, hurt the kidney seriously. One of the
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9. Other affeeiioru which hysterical patients are apt to mimic are those
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tement de lafifevre typhoide (mfitliode de C. IJinu hard).
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To the part, at first, the astringent lotions, mentioned already,
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secretary ; Dr. John S. Fulton, secretary of the State Board of
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and finally death ends the scene. The writer believes tliere
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quantities of dilute acid, and not to have the acid too strong. — Mtd. Times and
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Up to within the last two years, the reporter has em-
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In the majority of the cases of insolation, symptoms denoting congestive
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The Modem Treatment of Pneumonia in Young Children. By G.
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rature was raised to the boiling point of the acid, no vapour
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widely promulgated) that " the test of the guardians'
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observations. In the first number of my Journal of Public Health
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and a condition of climate that allows playing in the
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"When recent they are soft and vascular, but in course of time they may
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we are wont to despise — as by no means second to the New Englanders.
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far as to knowing \vh -ther or not it is syphilitic in its
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rheumatism. The greater local inflammation and reddening of the skin, the
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dewribed in the history of the 14th fatal case {seepage 220), for the use of which
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Rules 2 and 3 may be received for transportation when encased in a
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has a raised pearly-white margin on its outer side, sharply rounding an
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The electric light gives the maximum of light with the
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comatose condition, and death soon supervened. They were all in
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alumina), which is present in considerable amount in Ypresian
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one feared in the least the consequences of a slight overdose,
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after the application of the solution of the sublimate. All
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her medical attendant knew to whom her disease was due. Later
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natural privilege to claim, and in every sense honourable.
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more admissible than the theory of the necessary and permanent
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ever, is required of the coldness of the internal organs than has yet been
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and hypertrophy, together with a plug of mucus and epithelium, form
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forth, what can we say but that each is something which has

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