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cation by railway and water be required to appoint and pay

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for the introduction of tenderness of the spine as a sign both

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in the urine which hold it in solution. Trommer's test is, however,

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or bilious indigestion. My spells of discomfort, indigestion, in-

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xxvi. No. 1, p. 23), but he states that these organisms are not virulent,

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specific cytotoxins, assuming that they exist for the generality of or-

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The limits of our paper will not allow further discus-

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clear. Since the details of these experiments have not been published, a

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On admission to the hospital I noted that he was in a state

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relating to the apparatus provided for the exercise of smell, sight, and hear-

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of the bronchitic symptoms about the fourth or fiiUi day, but it may set

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lant nothing is better ; its effect lasts six or eight hours, while

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distend the bowel, and, in my experience, it diminishes

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smallest-sized instrument which can be passed, and continues

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the school of medicine recommended absolute abstinence from food, and the

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found. An enormous hernia developed through the scar. The

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general surface. Bromidrosis pedum is the most common. The soles are

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sometimes livid, the eyes protruded as in threatened strangulation, and

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were better understood, it would be more generally used.

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25 per cent, of these deaths were caused by Typhoid Fever ; that is, this disease caused during

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ships, and was divorced. He spent a year of rest in CaUfornia,

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carditis, with infarcts and numerous minute hemorrhages in the

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on which to base a proof of identity, and the jury found that it was the body

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It is now accepted that (1) the mean systolic blood

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can tell with the greatest precision if and where in the various

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are treated surgically, as is prolapse of the rectum.

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feeble and apt to go into fibrillation." Nevertheless, although one

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ently cannot be considered as factors of any great import-

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for disinfection, issued by the National Board of Health ; and other matters.

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seemed to have produced no symptoms or inconvenience during life, he states

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with others on The Ascent of Sap, and. a Vivarium for Nursrs,

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development of the disease, but this is not conclusively established.

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which may be fiitigned by a minute^s action and recruited by

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