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cold water, or the sucking of a small piece of ice tied up in a piece
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the stomach-pump, enema, catheter, etc., which are al-
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ened to be stubb(jrn. No special tn atnient was given
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the other, because, especially in the neck, the skin is traversed in
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the source of variation in the resistance of the corpuscles may be sought rather
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In 1865 and 1866 he read medicine in the office of his brother,
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except the spleen, which are found in the vertebrata, exist in this class. They
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the usual way and with as great a degree of efficiency as was possible
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medical writers in this country, they have too generally collected their
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to such dimensions as will permit it to pass through the con-
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On the other hand, in such diseases as splenic fever,
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this capital query, and in doing so, transformed the
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ihrmys afiect the valve ring, some of them arising from annular indu-
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last census which relate to the vital statistics of
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when both electrodes were placed on the outer surface. If the internal
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the drawing, the student can, without any difficulty,
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their habit and craving, without suffering or publicity.
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compound fractures, a large amount of new material on the
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sustained when the patient was S months old. The patient
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Ordin.itcs=points scored ; AbscisBac=numbcr of BubjccU.
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able statistical information, on the subject of lunacy in gene-
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Gelsemium, Fluid Extract of. — Dose same as Gelsemium.
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Of the cases, attenuated the symptoms, and positively les-
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senility the visceral supports elongate aftd the organs
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5,000 to 10,000 cells per, this increase being almost entirely in the lymphoid
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blasts in the blood is evidence of a reversion of the blood formation
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a free exposure of the diseased vessels, and that no
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fundus II into two portions. Its independence from the mammalian profundus
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with his adopted child. Now, what is the issue. The child, fired
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gical interference had seemed contraindicated on ac-
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tologie, diagnostic et traitemeut; traitements medical,
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nizes (I) heat exhaustion, due to excessive heat from the sun or other source ;
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Realizing the great prevalence of hookworm infection among the
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fied that in all cases there is a predisposing cause, the tubercular
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may sometimes be lessened by judicious measures adopted at that
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])resent in the blood of the foetus, admitting that its
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