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bladder, owing to decomposition of the urine, may give rise to a most

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fats. It was apparent, therefore, that the antigens had been changed and had

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This case was the more deceiving as the ligation was followed by relief

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that the urine was free from albumin and casts: the

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being the only form found, its existence simply showing the well-

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voluntary movements produce pain : the child, there-

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most instances in the form of some baked cake in wdiich part of the

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size of the submucous nodules, but the left ureteric orifice was still golf hole

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that this urination which is not voluntary is due to

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scope of country. This spot seems to me the most favored I have ever

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status from the IRS for a tax-deductible Physicians’ Health

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1897, xii,. 429-437,— Horinek (O.) Necrosis ossis fron-

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Circumscribed Tuberculous Meningitis.— A. Saenger^

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atomy appears. Whether the origin of the leucocytes be

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stuporose, and also had albuminuria at one time. Of the

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in this line. Even the novel writers are invading the

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quantity of urine having a grass green colour. Indigo given

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and tartrate, are useful. Much water, especially the carbonated, should be

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never see a case of it. But that was not brought about by present

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has been expressed, and whether it be not better to watch the

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their evolution at an early stage by extirpating them as extensively

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little appearance of discharge from the vagina." Dr. Blun-

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adds that he hopes to obtain a complete list of deaths

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Belgium. A few jaws have been found at Clichy, Arcy, and other

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mic) ganglion makes it conceivable that any change of ar-

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the cause of vaccinia and variola than the cytoryctes. The virus is

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