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ber of the Continental Congress, who was prevented from signing

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forced respiration was discontinued, his bowels were con-

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that the little bag had not been stuck in after death — a supposition

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poiiit M. Straus has made some interesting researches. He has observed that

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paroxysms, so as to repeat the examination at especially favorable times —

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Gaskoin, Esq. ; S. Day-Goss, M.D. ; T. T. Griffith, Esq.

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"//, in New York, the beneficent law against the smoke pol-

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which was the prevailing type of our fevers previous to that time.

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longer and thinner than the organism of rabbit septicaemia. They

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I was called in January to see her because of a severe

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Poliomyelitis. By Simon Flexner, M.D., and Hideyo Noguchi,

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January 27, 1913. 0.25 c.c. egg-white intravenously, moderate symp-

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It is impossible to determine the amount of sloughing that will occur, and this

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which by its mere exercise will render its possessor a

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the advent of cooler weather, the danger of any further

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the most serious obstacles to succosslul results. There are (jther

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it is highly probable that he is impotent. In December 1857 a case was re-

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of the symptoms alone. Other circumstances and physical signs are to be

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numbers during the afebrile period of the disease, and that they rarely

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At the same meeting of the Society Dr. Ord read notes

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articles contained in this part of these Transactions,

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speeches. At the medico-legal autopsy, the body was in truth ex-

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aerating water, but no report was made on the practical

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as Mr. Taylor used, and they could see it on the screen catching

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the left pleura cavity, and about as large as a good-sized

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revealed to us the mechanism of the production of cyto-

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the tremor was quickly overcome, but in the last instance

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I'lieiiinonia liefore 18o7 and since. Angina and.. 89

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degree of severity is seen between the benign cases, which recover in a few

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tion found our patient in no better, and perhaps a worse condi-

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ter remedy, in cafes of great danger, becaufe it was

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of the velum palati. The post-mortem examination showed a

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