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for the removal of Mr. Baker Brown's name from the list of
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of rather intemperate habits, died in the third paroxysm — the other two
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cycle of this variety is evolved chiefly in certain of the internal viscera, and
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The part is again thoroughly rubbed dry, and all etTete and possibly
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Havana is the starting point ot our epidemics. There the
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another atrophic form — described by Hallopeau as L. atrophique — in
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on the contrary, it was feared he was not getting up inflammation
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and glaringly advertised by one of its members, and the exhibition of
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joint, and shows what results we may get from freely opening
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fingers are less common. In a case reported by Herard the flexion of the
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severe and terrible measure, not to bo undertaken lightly or without grave con-
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the getting rid of foreign bodies, whether organic or inor-
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The gratitude above expressed has reference to the way in which
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|6.oo, net; leather, $7.00, net. With illustrations in black, cloth, $5.50, net; leather,|6.5o,«^i'.
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ber of folds. Upon the limb being elevated by the hand, the
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the patients were hurried in upon them at a rapid rate.
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A Dispute About General Planning for Hospitalization and Evacuation . . 63
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Pulmonary cavities only rarely furnish metallic resonance, because
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is by no means easy to distinguish with certainty the different varieties. The
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In so far as the sewer-gas question is concerned, it is, therefore,
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softened and was evidently the source of the infection
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which restricts the development and causes greater immobility of the
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iarly fetid odor of cancer of the cervix being absent) accom-
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that act, and the breathing being short and quick the murmur is
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it repeatedly stated, I am loath to believe it. The heat
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subject of education ; and also a letter which he had
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29 max; an, II. * ppamseblic, II. 31 -mje, B. 32 5 ccpt*k*n, O.,
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copper, and in the last month by the administration of nitro-muriatic
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which he had removed from a patient, but was unalde to say
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The cases of Le Blanc and others have been referred to
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another they learned traditional methods, which often were brutal.
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[death of Sellis, when a proper examination of the wounds on the deceased
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he considered to be one of the most beneficent operations ever
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the natives. In China the disease is very common in the
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At this point I must call attention to an anomalous
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comes on with vomiting of bilious matter, obstinate constipation is
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much or little sugar and acid poisoning present. Disease
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the abdominal wall is not too thick, by deep pressure
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the summit, and explored the region, as the man's ap-

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