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Tr. Med.-Chir. Soc. Edinb., 1884-5, n. s., iv, 187-204,3

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Generally speaking, the color of the stools becomes lighter the

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people, whose inclination, situation, or employment does not admit of

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siderable number of investigations, in establishing the identity

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two or three individuals. The extreme debility and emacia-

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attempt. The result was that she died in a few days,

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nance, flexed thumbs, and marked occipital depression, indicated the work

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through a disease where the efforts of Art are notoriously

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tissues. Owing to this pressure, they may induce absorption or ulcera-

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reference apparently to the memorial of the medical

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Meatii HosriTAL, Dublin. — Di.stribution of Prizes.

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narrowness of the inguinal canal, deficiency of force in the con-

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tuting a distinct form of disease. The symptoms of the disease are.

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articles. It is obvious that this effect is not produced by the

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and frequency of scrofula again become involved, now a burning

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in the author's behef in them. It must not be inferred,

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orbits, and tears flow over the cheeks. The areolar tissue of the

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normal, and there was no rigidity or increased tension

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port of this Committee was submitted, at our last meeting, a

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physicians and surgeons, and most often occur to the ignorant, timid,

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tion. When last I saw him, he was free from all disease, had

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by writers, the physician is confronted with the worst result of intense

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qualities. It is, however, free from animal and vegetable

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nium chlorid and aromatic spirits of ammonia liquefies the

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the tumour proper, and the metastases. In the ordinary course

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former correspondent's letter on " rattening " is in a mildly

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very frequently. He considered that the mechanism of this

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The club-foot shoe that needs constant repairs, that easily gets

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others, and upon the exhausted culture soil, on which no further growth

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of the part, leading to atrophy or ramoUisscment. This lesion

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could not cure of their distempers . . . she provided that they might

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Zur Aetiologie des Schwarzwasserfiebers. Tbid., 378-389.—

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of to-day, by insisting upon the vital importance of

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