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calomel followed by purgatives instead of very large doses given

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elevated blood-pressure, the relief of cerebral compression

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locality of the perforation, and an abscess develops which is amenable

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in the ear ; (4) nausea, thirst, and anorexia, all of which are paroxysmal ;

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of the arguments that have been relied on, and discussed their

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Census of Hallucinations, which was begun several years ago by the " Society for

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have long been in the habit of making extract of malt for technical

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lignant Cholera," and is thus spoken of in an English Journal : —

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Dale and ordered to duty in the Bureau of Medicine and

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bidly full, is first distended occasionally, then permanently, and

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twenty, 10; from twenty to thirty, 15; from thirty to forty, 6; and from

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undertake to furnish numerical results. To this, however, we are not dis-

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evening at the theater or opera, something to cause forgetfulness of self,

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There was considerable, though no alarming, reaction

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viscid, and sometimes frothy s|)utum. She did not cough

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The discoveries of Lister in the surgical treatment of wounds ex-

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of the orbit near its anterior border, the probe could,

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was done with the idea of obtaining results applicable to cooked

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si)ores in the plasma, by a mechanism intimately connected with the

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imminent pernicious attack. Drowsiness, replying with effort to

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therapeutic activity resides; and as for the exact propor-

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and warmth being desirable in consumption of inflammatory

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quency lessened ; but the patient was not permanently

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nearly as possible identical with those of iodine and the iodides.

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The debilitated individual is toned by corrective man-

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pitfalls in a concurrent acute abdomen and acute thorax. Truly,

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Association; Foreign Corresponding Member of the Neurological

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1th, 4 o'clock^ P. M. Found her much relieved. The salts which was given

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pathological chemist all doing their share. The malade imaginaire

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quantity that could possibly be present in the blood

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in setting up a prepaid insurance plan to cover both

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questioned, notwithstanding that as a science, it is very far in advance of

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which he termed Bodo urinarius, was in all probability an infusorial

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March 3J. — Patient sinking rapidly. Temperature, v.hich

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by temperature of 105 J^® F., pulse 140, and respira-

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charge their contents were obliterated, it became interesting to

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