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phine ; in many cases, by the neutralization of acid fluids

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with newspaper reporters, science writers, TV and movie crews, representatives

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pared, and there is less quarrelling over parliamentary

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Codina Castellvi (J.) Tratamienfo de las epistaxis.

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bearing the above title, by Dr. Joel E. GoUllhwait, which

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other to suggest to lovers of Arabic and Persian litera-

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Harper — Robinson. — On January 23, at Rrinn^-!!, PiM-r>n. ,T. Harper,

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of the pulse. On the other hand, it is only in parti-

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will draw only a little gland-juice, occasionally blood-stained, but

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It would, however, make violent efforts to do so, and during a

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odour of the bitter almonds became yet stronger on removing the

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other. By performing flexion, extension, &c., of the latter bone,

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function and a full, strong pulse. Also catheterization is rarely required. A

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more persistent in its course from I'aii to worse, involves

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mittee of the County Society who should make a fur-

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The Chairman (Dr. H. H. Tooth) said the paper was a very interesting

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was a great epidemic. Among the poor there were 655 cases and 148

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1865, Dec. 6. Case of Strangulated Hernia. — Dr. John AsHHURST, Jr.,

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two years she had been conscious of a dull ache and discom-

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Dr. Thos. Cullen, Associate Professor of Gynecology at Johns

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When pus is present in the pleural cavity from what-

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that of the toxalbumins ; but it appears that no anti-

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injure the joint, the stiffening of which makes them awkward

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agree somewhat closely with those of Wakeman, who, however,

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tance of smoking as a nicotine dependency which is treat-

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i. Bacillus mallei and its poison produce a variety of vascular

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In most cases it is due to softening, and consequently to various causes —

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the sixth volume of the Transactions ; and he states, that the

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ple extractions without any prolapse of the iris, which

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the earliest possible moment after a diagnosis of a

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This case was the more deceiving as the ligation was followed by relief

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