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ored, the tissue of the mucous membrane is swollen, and, in some cases,

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the surface of the topmost layer of berries will have lost

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vision is urgent, though meantime the cost of building or

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ditions until time of sale, if dangerous through the presence of

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familiarity with the arts and cunning of the wily politician, to

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the microorganisms usually meet organs or apparatuses

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A purpuric eruption was present, scattered sparcely over

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peripheral irritations, of which eye strain, nasal and sinus

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is somewhat hairy, rises to a height of three or four feet. The

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editor of the Medical Examiner of Philadelphia in 1838, at the

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fiivorable course, the symptoms disappear gpradually ; after the perfora-

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Blood serum.— Slow growth of unusually large colonies.

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The lymphatics in the knee and groin commenced to be very painful. Pulse

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theory that such a dilated chamber is incapable of complete systole. (See p. 383.)

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better, to seek the advice of a physician as soon as any

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speaking and reasoning about, the following illustrations may

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good recovery. In order to understand the nature of the condi-

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sion pneumothorax, diaphragmatic hernia, esophageal

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the intention of settling the question whether appendicitis

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tive arteries, at each contraction." You must always make al-

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septic wound. In some of these cases the septic process was that of

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fluid were removed, with a large amount of a whitish, cheesy, semi-

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with regard to his second case the question arose whether lithotomy might not

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were better understood, it would be more generally used.

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treatment, both medical and surgical, originated by American

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tissue requiring removal. The diet must also be regulated

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Medulla Sassafras. Sassafras Pith. — Occurs in very light,

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above symptoms become quickly aggravated when the second stage?

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personified, it was said, the spirit of exclusive conscrv..Usm.

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subjectively and objectively and the treatment has been persisted

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Case C (Fig. 12). — The father of a family which lived next door to a pella-

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phlyotenular conjanctiTitis and its treatment. I wish to say that

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was the invasion of the body by Filaria bancrofti Cobbold 1877.

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reaction is alkaline, and the specific gravity under 1.012 in mechanical

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(3j to Water Oj) in doses, for an adult, of one ounce

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tuberculosis 84,443, or 21.3 per 10,000 living. From

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