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died she was counted amongst the deaths, whereas if she

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Times, 1888, ii, 104-106.- Slaiiber. Fistula recto-vesi-

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supply the place of direct, evidence from a chemical analysis ol t ic •

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in the form of a comparatively dark but fairly well-defined area,

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Dr. Morton was an original and progressive surgeon, a bold yet con-

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side by side. In the more superficial strata, they are, however, scattered very

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be continued for about nix hours, to prevent Hunterian methods, which all admit to bo

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is not usually severe, and may be but slight. The pain produced by the

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Bequests to Hospitals. — The late John Crerar, of

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be: that is, an infection of the bone-marrows by the

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working capacity, and weakness ensues, which he attributes to irrele-

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corresponding disease, and it should, if possible, furnish the name. But if

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the same time. It then became apparent that the vas was not

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of retirement, and is now shown a-s an educational and

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of thick pus. Above and toward the median line a well-

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the object being to find means of correcting some of the abuses of

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nience, not only by its bulk, but by occasionally causing fits of

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Note. — Each lecture or demonstration shall consist of not less than one hour's duration.

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ments in some instances are opposed to his own views.

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malignant disease that necessitated the removal of his right hand, several

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Anatomy, and Operations of Surgery, by John C. Wabbbn, M.D.

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patient, or the friends of the patient, have attributed the onset of the

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the patient occupies, be he sitting, standing, or lying down. It may be

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greatly increased the dangers of infraglottic stenosis, should

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human body is a machine. It needs fuel to function. Cars

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ve for many years in a condition of either incomplete or complete

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to succeeding generations. The impossibility of begetting

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what is now passed luul l>eoii pourotl out iiitu the bowel at an earlier i)eiiod ;

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The formation of the insoluble precipitate of benzoperoxide in a solution

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Teoli are small and of equal size, the ovary forms a regular, smooth

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meritorious work to fail from insufficient patronage. Shattuck's Atlas of " Bacte-

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or more of the cases as a smooth pear-shaped swelling. Metastasis occurs

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tions. Of 72 cases analyzed by Roberts, in 6 the affection followed an in-

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Church, M.D., and William Hessert, M D. Reprint. 1893.

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hence they feel themselves justified in coming to the follow*

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in damage cases are claimed as such later on. If the

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100, evening 101.2 ; 13th, morning 100, evening 102; 14th, morning 100.4, evening 101.S;

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