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1885, vii., 201-220; see, also, reprint from above, Cler-

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established. Ihe accident, or known cause giving rise to them,

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any marks of blood. The knife found in the hand of the deceased was bent

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allowing for compression, etc., is often found larger

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or ammoniacal urine is probably due to the fact that a large proportion of

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external maxillary vein at its junction with the internal maxillary to form the

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in the French Chambers providing, as a remedy for the

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reasons already set forth, he does not believe that they them-

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tion of the white subcortical substance, nor do we know

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Septicemia and Pyemia — Malignant CEdema — Petechial Fever —

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line it will be an offence to allow a patient to be bitten. In

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alumni of all schools matriculating students the coming

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has been given with asserted success in various bacterial

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physician, guided by the purest motives, devotes his best

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to the reports of the Board of Health of the city of New York, out oi

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Pravaz syringeful ; in the other one, two syringef'uls of the

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produced by inspiration can be heard some distance.

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present, and gastric disturbances may occur, although these are not, as

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In this case we have an instance of the connection of deranged mental action with

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three companion volumes will form a valuable addition to the

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that of healing, and not altogether that of trying to

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1 Deutsche medicinlBcbe Wochenschrift, 1903, xxix, 3,50.

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*pt m hose cases where only one bone, or the fragment of a bone,

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liver, would point out that viscus as being the part most proba-

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Diagnosis. — Hardened arteries, increased arterial tension, left ventricular

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relapsed cases shows the vigilance exercised in carrying out the conditions

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the oedema may increase a little, and while the amount of albumin may

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This book was favorably noticed by the Editor of the Boston

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probable that an error of 0125 D. produces in some per-

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institution to four hundred, has not, as will be perceived by a perusal of the

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great toe, which prevented him from sleeping that niorht.

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