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were much affected, and so was the region of the sciatic and of the superior

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To CoRRKSPONDENT?. — An able article on the abu3es of Female Education, ia ia

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In other cases, I made an incision with a scalpel, through

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from maltreatment, becomes malignant, that is, pain-

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to the head, limbs, and feet. These consisted of coarse cloths wet every

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inspire them with confidence in the wide application of

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the strength factor to divide the troops to be supported into vari-

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vein and the bulb, and so produces the murmur. This explanation is

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cases either meningitis did not exist, or that the disease was simple menin-

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initial production costs, and cost to the Society of

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slightly, and extending into the vessel, the lymph inter-

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services, only if each of the following conditions is met:

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tion of cases a distinct tendency to relapse, with reappearance of

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Descri'ption. — T. S., aged 34, was admitted under Mr. Steward for nasal

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Opbtb., Leipz., 1890, xxxvi, 1. Abth., 62-82.— I,aska (W.)

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all favor the supposition, that the writer is more of an egotistic ig-

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2Bfh. — Is today much disposed to sleep; bowels open;

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t The method of administration was per os In each Instance.

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will answer a better purpose. The almost uncontrol-

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as a science should always be clinical, pathogenic, physi-

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Frankenhausen. The source of the infection was a cow which was

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a full realization of these things, and settled truths

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pharynx posterior to them, they, when the mouth is closed,

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eat deeply into the pancreas, and, finally, eroded a large artery of that

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the same diet, some would develop latent or subacute

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Ann Arbor. Octavo, 398 pages, illustrated. Cloth, ^2.50 net.

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Carlsbad salts. He prefers Debove's plan of employing systematically

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razioui locali. Gazz. d. osp., Milano, 1898, xix, 1032. —

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stage of pneumonia. Almost the whole of the lower lobe of

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