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of the uterus. I used the White Extract per vagina as a local treatment for

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The rule that fever precedes the cough, though generally true,

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Present this certificate on arrival at the Alamo counter at any location. Call your Professional Travel

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patients failed to respond to the treatment and showed

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and it is fair to attribute this to the careful, persistent and thorough

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may add, the natural instincts of mankind, reject the supposition that

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surgical disease in this region of the body. Let our radical

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A committee of three was appointed to wait upon Dr. Meyer and

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Parker has reported that these same changes are always

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patients you will find some hereditary nervous tendency. The fact

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Dr. Greene, Chairman : These two papers and the discussion have

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M. Reveil alludes above to the so-called foetid foot-sweat, and thus

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into the fold of the anterior groin and traction made downward.

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and pressure over the epigastrium called forth signs of

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and the blue solution titrated with a very dilute solution of potassium

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Whether generated in the system from a combination of constitutional and

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period 1880-1890. They ascertained that 4.67 per cent, of these officers developed

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able to strike the serpent with the hand of a master.

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l)eing absorbed into and modifying the blood. These remedies have been

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position of the inflamed areas. As regards the focal symptoms, there

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effect of the dilatation was very satisfactory. It kept

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condition. "In this condition the manometer may give us a point.

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has shown that the baciQus which was isolated from these cases of pneumonic plague

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this excess, the amount of alitumin passed is mainly •leterminod

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about the hal lways that the proxy bal lots sent out

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stant endeavor on the part of both physicians and operators,

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hibited a person from recovering under this species of insurance more than

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Dr. R., the rupture having taken place while the patient was attended by a

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a mortality seems of itself sufficient to prevent a surgeon following this practice ;

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the cultivable bodies derived from the same source, and a further

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(0.65 gm.), with caffeine, gr. 3 (0.2 gm.), may give evident relief. They

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ing to relieve the headajche and mental dulness, which he

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continued use of poultices prove the acrid and irritating effect

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includes the great Lakes and their estuary the St. Lawrence;

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symptoms of the disease developed. The substantiation of Prof.

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his influenza infection, this patient was able to take care of a small

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nose and mouth; blood also was discharged from the bowels an<l was

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