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1. Solution of w r hite of egg. White of egg is stirred with 10 volumes
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very similar in depriving the brain of its necessary supply
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(M. M.) Fifty consecutive cases of typhoid fever. Tr.
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is the most powerful advocate of this method of treatment,
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anic acids ; various preparations of iron, silver oxide and
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takes place ; that the microbe or ferment acts chiefly
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and I found that my muscular power increased with a
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(' Pharm. Journal,' Oct. 1862, p. 185.) In September 1863, a girl, a?t. nine,
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tained. Excision, however, of enlarged glands may be advisable Avith a view
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me, and its character and relation to the other cardiac bruit
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Figure 4 — LEFT: Diagram depicting the extent of the
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was a constant change of function going on, as in the breast or
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each regiment or smaller independent unit, will be established as the
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posts to guard their interests. It sounds the condition of the
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physicians in Fellowships be referred to the Jefferson
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through Mr. Sage and those obtained from the missionary bodies
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been better, she has lost the anxious expression about the face, and so
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slipper serving as the point of counter -extension. By
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the venous sinuses, whether partial, general, lemi)orary,
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pleura or lungs existed. The heart was flabby, and its walls thin. The
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so far round sometimes as to cause him to tumble down, screaming
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are all that could be desired for a first-class volume.
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lines of their roads the best resident practitioners as
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Baker, Frank K., 540 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, E. D., Kings Co.
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organisms. He, having prmluced septic infection in animals by injecting
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The different chapters in the book are well and clearly written —
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SPLINT. — A splint is an enlargement on the cannon bone,
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10 oz. of milk and 1 oz of arrowroot every 4 hours for 24 hours.
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sibility of applying practically the opinions and theories of the day, that all
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Davis, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc.," vol. i, p. 415; Dewees, "Dis-
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then separated by a funnel and filtered ; it was allowed to evaporate spon-
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chloroform or similar ingredient may be applied locally, and such
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ulcer was an exanthem of allergic character in which
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this name has been employed to describe disorders very different
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The Chief of the Patient Dietetic Service served as a consultant to the
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perienced in the treatment of intermittent fever, is
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(W.) The treatment of fever of doubtful oriffiu. South.
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the stomach-pump, enema, catheter, etc., which are al-
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periosteum, and the mucous membranes share, of course, in the

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