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areas in the left upper extremity, as well hours. During the following three months,

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prepared the manuscript for the printer, not perceiving the importance

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forced assumption that the tubercle might become a centre of irritation —

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11. Initial laryngeal spasm is almost invariably present with for-

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which was resorted to in human medicine a few years ago.

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remain under the water for a great length of time, the lungs are capable of

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method of determining this fact is very simple. "We first ascertain what

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may be conical, cylindrical, hemispherical, or irregularly lobulated, and

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' into exertion the functions of the organs to which the intellect is

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§§ Hammond. — On the so-called Family or Hereditary form of

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vagus, such as pilocarpin, producing the following symptoms:

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exposed and were also so loose that they could be picked out by

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mild cases i to 2 per cent, kali chloric, was used, but

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" My Dear Sir — I have recently met with a few instances

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and indirectly, tl)rown every obstacle in the way of

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tinct. He had been given to understand that the growth was

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The chapter on the practical application of electro-

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very vascular and succulent ; their growth may be extremely luxuriant,

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edly auto-intoxication from absorption of food before this has been

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"syphon" bottles. Waters containing carbonates or sulphates are not

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but because it is brief and to the point. We all overlook these conditions too fre-

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lesions. It is sometimes enlarged either permanently or intermittently,

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organs, but also in the skin and mucous membranes. It may look like

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some very nice looking subnitrate of bismuth with him, he prepared a good

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line with preceding numbers as regards the interest and

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Long ago I saw a case of numerous cysts of the vagina. They

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every 3 hours, or it may also be given internally tol-

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for granted in relegating black water to malaria, and

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fat falls to its original amount with the poorer rations. Rhodin (48)

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His, and these may exist for years before the clinical picture becomes typical.

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butes a paper on Conium in the Treatment of Chorea. It is

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catarrhs, ozaena, angina, laryngitis, as also it operates on old bron-

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0.05, which was lower (p < 0.04) than the % evacua-

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not only to the wilder movements of disseminated sclerosis (which occur

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and had vomited once ; slight febrile reaction ; symptoms

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