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whole length of the thigh and firmly compressed by four
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Brand's liquid essence of beef, or a teaspoonful of
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root of the penis, and a half inch to the left have been found.
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When admitted his ribs were found to be j been commenced. The first bleeding was
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teachers customarily slight the slow and work only with the
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Mental diseases without ascertainable pathological alteration of the
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mon school, at Hellefonte Academy, and at Dickinson
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2. A history of the dysentery epidemical in I'oston in 1734.
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enteric catarrh by chalk and opium, then directed to take the baths, and
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Sospital. The loss of sight came on slowly, and glaucoma
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the tolerance occurred. There was no definite increase with the passage
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Less than 83 per cent between 7 and 14 are attending school 20
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result, I have been engaged latterly in attempting to devise a special medium
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sensation as if a tight band were across the forehead; thickly coated
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was a similar affection of some branches of the ophthalmic
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students could carry oui such routine observations side by
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with necessary assistants, proceeded to the operation, which was per-
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pulse of a vessel as large as the abdominal aorta is scarcely perceptible
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and tenth months, close the palate. Embryologically, union of the
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in very bad cases by the use of mercury and by heroic dosing
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and transverse colon. The contents of the cai'cum could not pass onward on
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day of his life, call to his aid his knowledge of anatomy
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lj in some days, a-1 mosl weeks, and the irritative cough dimin-
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of the science in England. In the preface they state that their
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tion of the brachial plexus, from the various nerve-
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or tho nioti>r nerves as well. (Jenorally tiie zoster accom-
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is, in many instances, quite adequate to their removal. Of this
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spend their final days in intensive care with tubes coming
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surface from the hip to the ankle. Shortly after a very
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and the irritative optic-nerve symptoms can be better ex-
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ularly aggravated by a cold which was contracted four weeks
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This patient also came under my care, November 17th, 1865, hav-
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of Mexico. As other societies will meet in Washington
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ney and submitting it to a judicious medication is highly prob-

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