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reaction and the 0.5 gm. produced a provocative positive Wassermann reaction

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which it receives its nerves ; so that in destroying any particular part of tbe spinal marrow,

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Coma-vigil and typho-mania do not involve a tendency to true coma ;

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Verrucse, or warts, are acquired papillomatous excrescences, vary-

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tected. But if the to and fro sound have once been heard, the

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tablishing in the system a peculiar action, incompatible with

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Several members of the Profession have had the gratification

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were unaffected. He was able to obtain no development of these cysts in the

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that the body needs care as well as the soul — that

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pains in the calves of the legs, and a suppression of urine. He had no

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Arsenic in gastritis, Cantharis in strangury, Corrosive sublimate

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ft “ Ad ueretri dolor em,” Lat. ; misunderstood in vii. 2.,

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characterized by blueness of the skin, coldness of the surface, and loss of

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dient in which is the grey oxide of mercury,) and cold envelopes

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acute dry, the acute moist, the chronic, and the latent.

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in.ition of water, 489, 773 ; diphtheria, morphology

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alumina), which is present in considerable amount in Ypresian

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extracting the good out of all the vast amount of literature on

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lax, and when distended with blood enlarges its transverse

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make an otoscopic examination. In no other way can we differentiate

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afterwards the cutaneous inflammation appears, but without any

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so long as the only hospitals specializing in such work are dependent

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cystitis, orchitis, inflammation of the vas deferens, inflammatory

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Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor, Donald G. Sessions,

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vigorous and vicious as when first caught ; but its venomous powers

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night, and without apparent cause. At this stage there may be a very

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who drank the infected milk contracted the disease.

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soon as they can be given. Assafcetida, once the supreme antispasmodic,

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of the 30th of April was slight but well marked; that of the 3rd of

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Our knowledge of vaccines and serums in that day was limited to

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more difficulty isolated from the red corpuscles than in health ; the albu-

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tioD, or else by a morbid delicacy of their walls, a result of perverted

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of the two systems. It is believed that if the engineer de-

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