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pay for the same from the fimd arising from such fees.

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muscles. The contraction of the muscles, being slow and gentle,

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in the southern portion of North America bordering on the Gulf

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Eodents comprise more than one-third of all living species of mam-

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the cases there were no complications, but in the remainder

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C«/r?Vcr7z?/j- is cold and dry melancholick ; governs the Knees and Hams; and

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methods of dosage may be of no value in the actual control or

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inches long and about five wide. Dr. Holt's Catechism

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these, little more than the schizogony is known. The recent preliminary

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possible, and plans to complete his cure after his return to duty. To

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medical in nature, must be considered and eliminated. These

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effects are more transient, however, and again, it is not so convenient a

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the origin of the superior mesenteric artery. It is, however, often difficult

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to get the range of the overhead light, and then to fix on a

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Persistent Vaginitis, Leslie K. Drummond-Hay (Dec) 767

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Conrad. Dr., on prolapse of the female genitalia 243

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skin, etc., may, after having lost their vital powers,

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with its epidemiology, seasonal habit, and geographi-

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fell under the notice of himself. Is, then, he asks, this eruption to be considered

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assignment to duty as chief surgeon of that Division.

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enlarged, sometimes limited to one side of the body.

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not been " feeling very well." His urine had been examined,

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several pounds in her weight. But during the month of August

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are cleared up, act well and, also a solution nation with the application only of the

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anything, it ought to be of service in mitral stenosis. He

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treatment upon the course of pulmonary tuberculosis

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and surgical attention equal to that given by the best civil institutions of

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Smitli, 87 Harbord Street, Toronto ; Dr. Leslie Clinton Fallis,

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business life, but being of a nervo-sanguineous temperament he managed

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entirely original lines, and the results have been examined by a select com-

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their financial health. We understand the challenges and

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now, at the end of two months, both corneoe are almost per-

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"The country gives us proof and precedent of roaring beggars, scheming men,

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The Congress in its general session to-day listened to

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after a long illness, aged 50. He received his medical educa-

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sudden entry of the contents of an abscess or of a hollow viscus into

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