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root of the penis, and a half inch to the left have been found.

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the brain continues unaffected until the fatal termination of the

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posterior edge of the lower end of the shaft is a powerful agent in

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are soft, the pulse is weak, and there is great lassitude.

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year represents a large proportion of the cases occurring, in the later

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To treat the condition, surgical interference was neces-

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following othcers were elected for the ensuing year : Presi-

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In six cases the child presented with the upper extremity, viz., two

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and short, the uterus was atrophied, and tlie ovaries were

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careful medical treatment, are nearly as bad a risk for the surgeon

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and, usually, by an arthritis, the distinguishing feature of which is the

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faithfully, and from time to time a mixture of milk and

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ceivingfromMr. deSchlagentweit his valuable "NumericalEle-

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again attracted the patient's attention, and he was greatly surprised when

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larger part being air; if he commences to become conscious, more

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as would all Uie other expectorants. In the latter in-

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I should like for you as Secretary to transmit the following proposition to

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nuted, with more or less irregular surfaces of coaptation, but with-

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vessels. In the guinea pig, on the other hand, the supply of

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ons suggest themselves ; as, for example, the identity of all the bones as

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modification of the mental organisation." — P. 199.

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is asphyxia at Paris, according to Sauvages, (Nos. Meth. i.

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ideal setting for training other professional personnel in many phases of work

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study are of more value to medical students than recita-

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infectivity of the skin during the later weeks of scarlatinal convalescence."

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findende Untersuchung des in das Zollinland jeingehenden Fleisches

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The subject of intra-nterine craniometry, or measuring the dimensions

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nose and mouth; blood also was discharged from the bowels an<l was

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formation as to a minor point of diagnostic value or one of

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med. Wchnsehr., Lcipz. ii. lii rl., 1891, xvii. 1I'26. .

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Gazette des Hopitaux by Dr. Chauniier, in which lie

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