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rupture of the muscle it ought to have declared itself and reached its
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cost has been under 2s. ; and in three unions— Aston, Newcastle-ou-Tyne,
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were normal. After the above experiences there seems to me
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who signed the death certificate, had not seen the deceased on the date
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hospitals, and that is that they are doing a cruel and inept
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came somewhat sooner because of the removal of the left kid-
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gnosis are far more formidable. The chief ditliculty is with
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deed evident that if no reaction took place on the part of the
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Die Praxis des Chemikers (Analyst's Practical Work). Von
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was distinctly plugged, but after death no trace of the clot
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leader of January 28th are timely and welcome. The subject
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ous. 'The term " medicine and duty," as mentioned on a company's sick
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malarious ferment in the earth is the essential condition of
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Fallopian tube and ovarian pedicle, which were then cut, and
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could it be brought up by slowly-applied mechanical exten-
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Randall, Bridgend ; Mr. lA'. H. Radford, Manchester ; Dr. G. Reid,
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Caerlaw fields. At the ensuing assizes at Cardiff he was in-
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aud has tlie property of keeping moist and palatable for some
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as to which the details are before us, every case of small-pox
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officers to carry out the necessary measures. These require-
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tions. British anatomists have long known, thanks to the
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on the poison to the nerve centres. Great credit is due to the
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convened meeting of the medical men of the city of Perth.
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pelvis is greatly dilated. Drawn to scale two-thirds natural size.
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laboratory. Considered from the analyst's point of view the
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detachment of one part of a furcate clot. He had seen cases
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methods of staining, but the spaces are generally filled with
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the Town Council by inspection of lodging houses, disujiertiou, and

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