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become relaxed and dilated, and the organs are flooded with blood
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two weeks the constant pressure had straightened the fibula so that there
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take or retain much nourishment. Her cough became more trouble-
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Hoping that your correspondent will view all that I
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will be noted when a chronic nephritis has been set up. The functional kid-
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said county, who were members of said society and constituted
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erally recovered. Fixation was the best treatment for
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abstaining) either in doors or out of doors, according to circumstances,
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specify something delinite in the air, or earth, that produces
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seen it occur independent of acute rheumatism. The sort of
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days after the inoculation, obviously from s >me cause inde-
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occur. The process seems to begin almost invariably in the myelin sheath.
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offensive, and may be extremely so. Haemorrhage occurs oc-
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its execution let us run over what is proposed. The prospectus states that
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to the usually permanent effects of thrombosis. In the latter case the
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sea ; occasionally only among rural settlements or plantations.
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rheumatic origin, a Wassermann test should be made and, if positive,
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doj as we all know^ often simulate commencing hydrocephalus.
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and stations and will repair to San Francisco, Cal., and report
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stant level in the upright piece, the sewer is water-tight ; if not, the leak-
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tuated. In the abdomen we shall find the liver very
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Cells, importance of, in practice, 20*; fatty dege-
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in our possession brings us a step nearer and anterior ethmoiditis sinusitis — left.
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with the tympanitic and elastic feel of the intestines and stomach.
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from operations on the right, as in those where the left side has been
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membered that in all probability most of them began
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di freniat., Reggio-Emilia, 1887-8, xiii, 393-398, 1 ch. Also,
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Pleurisy and pneumonia are fur rarer complications than the different
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morbid deposits of various kinds, degenerations of structure, acute inflam-
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The course is taught by certified instructors, and specific
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'■"""■'■'",''",''■7 P'-- '-■" IH. ,n,ui,ul..,l nu.uid, „.>,,.."'
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succumb to the destructive intlueuce of the poison, ac-
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at ■\Vapping," in the third volume of the London Hospital
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symptoms quite different from the ordinary stimulant and narcotic
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Rev. J, Spear, Bargentown, Gloucester county, N. J.
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York, and Andrew Duncan of T^ondon. These articles are all on practical
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deaths occurring during the administration of internal antipyretics

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