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until it was discovered by the medical officer attend-

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Lightning May Strike Twice • Stress and Tension in

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book is given up to a discussion of the practical bearing

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tion of anaemia, which, he thinks, is due to a stimulation

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seems to be of service. Although quinine moderates the

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bilities : that one eye may look higher than the other, a condition expressed

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flammatory diseases of the tubes, an off"spring of a viru-

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Height Increased by Electricity. — Dr. Springer, of

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etc. The attack occurs much oftener in the night than in the daytime. It

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years are we not justified in looking upon all forms of

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belongs to the Urticaceae family, which includes nettle

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such numbers of promising children as are annually swelling the bills of

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reluctance was that they were quite often ignorant of

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the Principality from this very paternal piece of legislation.

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ous element of destruction, should be overcome by extension,

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whilst preserving intact muscular contractility. They do not attack sensibility,

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is open to him. Strangest of all, however, is the fact,

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Symptoms and progress. — Simple congestion of the spleen rarely, if

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tion of the brachial plexus, from the various nerve-

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optysis reached in 60 instances 100 cc. (38.25%), in 76

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type one to another — a result of the great density of the population.

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to draw the occiput down on the symphysis pubis, which will

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effect Paulus of .^gina. — (Paul. Mgin., iv., 2 ;

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only be guessed at, but we can now, thanks to the Kegistrar-General's

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bronchitis forming a large proportion. But this Hospital is

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each health-care visit, inconvenient clinic hours, inad-

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ordinary hospital-trained nurses are a nuisance. I like to

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cases it is present in a less pronounced form during rest.

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derful in their construction, so perfect in their adaptation to all their

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