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acid and oxide of iron were found ; these were also easily discovered

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munization practices, or by the State health officer where

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views of violent inflammation of the peritoneum, from traumatic and at-

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of children of school age to the total population of the city

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the lumen of the bowel that it hardly admitted the tip of the index

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lingham, Edward J., 28 E. Wtb St.. New York, New fork Co.

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I would not expect them to be shoved back and out of tlieir just rights. If they go to their

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Organisms of Subgroups lib, lie, Ilf, and Ilm are found frequently

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as is involved in an invasion of the cholera, let there be no

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of unequal duration. The peculiar halting character of this slow pulse is

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milk drying up in the second or third month, Bedart succeeded

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were characteristic diphtheria bacilli. It may be especially noted that

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Aseptic Barber Shop. — We noted in the first num-

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April 13: Became greatly excited and struggled violently with her

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ment of wet-nurses, because he believed that there was

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the standard of our Bachelor of Arts degree ; that the

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habit of taking Morph. sulph. for about five years, commencing

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ing of calculi. I made a diagnosis of diverticulum,

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1896 CoLMAN, Walter Stacy, M.I)., 22, Wimpole Street, W. Trans. 2,

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the stools in appearance and consistence "resemble new cider;" there is a

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tion of the opening and turn more towards the antrum of the mastoid

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until the present attack. She claimed to have always drunk boiled water or

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alone has engendered. It results from this singular

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necrosis, new growths as well as atrophy, and erosion from

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generally form the terminal symptoms, if the patient do not sooner die

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Wir.MORE.— On Juiy 13, at 21, Inverness-road, Bayswater, the wife of

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iioflT (L. ) Eine neue Methodo, den Augenhintergrund am

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are warranted in concluding, logically, that all the infectious

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Health Research. Laboratory Collected Studies, vols, iv, v, vi, 190S-9-10). They esti-

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did not slip. Their strength, too, was sufficient ; and, as they

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indexes made on the same normal individual at different times mav

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became infiltrated, appearing paler than the surrounding mu-

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distilled water, mineral waters, and artificial blood-serum to

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