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and carefully watdi over his general health. Vac this reason it is iuĀ»

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(1) Skiagi-ams illustrating the Treatment of Two Cases of Non-malignant

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For Dyspepsia with Flatulency, or Wind on the Stomach.

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respondent informing him under what number the answer to his note

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The morbid process is so great that it may lead to the loss of the

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as a therapeutic agent. I do not think cocaine is indicated in any ulcera-

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All in all, from the investigations of Metschnikoff, Guarnieri, Big-

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is to the Medical man ; for it is scarcely possible to under-

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to old methods of treating typhoid disease, the change

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easier when in a semi-erect position, or on the left side ; dyspnoea is most trouble-

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malignant pustule, and belong to no other malady. Its

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this pain at the umbilicus, in cases of intestinal obstruction,

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resent (or misrepresent) would receive the seventy-five dollars for each

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distortion generally implies maladroitness or neglect

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that of the toxalbumins ; but it appears that no anti-

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deration and gentle government of the hand ; the passion,

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meningitis or some other disease, and in which the lesions of a former

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grains at a time. According to some there is less risk if it is administered

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Supported by an educational grant from Norwich Eaton Pharma-

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it, on account of increasing infection. Something must be done, and

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method since four or five months, which he considers too short a time in

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wo<ild probably be more correctly classed with the sarcomata,

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bitter taste ; slowly efflorescent in dry air ; soluble in 1.5

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April 18. Bilateral Edebohls performed in usual way, using fourth

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of the superior pubic ligament by Sir Astley Cooper

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the redness and swelling, was a period of twenty-three

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day in connection with the bath. He made a good recovery.

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60 minutes ; but if kept in the dark, they were alive after

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lead, and of lead and opium ; and Succi, including juice of conium

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occurs only in traces. Garrod states that with Saillet's method,

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abundant sugar excretion) well-marked neuritis is extremely rare. Hence

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served on the owner of this house connected with the sewer,

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