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existing if it is successful, even if it does run into some other dis-
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meal-times should take Yo^h grain of the bichloride, or else have
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superficial and exceedingly sensitive lesions, the mouth
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sometimes removed both, leaving his head bald. If anybody idled,
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and fiieiuls of tiu- tU'ci-uscd gLMitk-maii, calird at the
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form of migraine or hemicrania is the result of unilateral vaso-motor paralysis
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the past sixty years. In this article Dr. Davis takes occasion to reiterate his
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"not less than half the consumptive deaths of that town (Tunbridge
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alkalinity in which opsonins are still able to act.
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thorax at the side of the neck, which disappears immediately xxpoa the
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of morphia must interfere with the processes of assimilation and
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allowed to milk the cows or prepare the milk for distribution.
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Cutting [cover with printed title] from: Arch. prov. de
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ablative dose of 30-50 millicuries of Iodine- 131 is usually
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is no doubt, wrote this under feelings of bitterest irritation, but it
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an integral part of the cryptogamic vegetable organizations ;
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the inhibitory fibres of the pneumogastric; they also seem to lower the
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the hydrogen in this playing the part of an acidifier ; the resulting compound
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degree of inflammation, followed ]>y a secretion of a
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Intussusception causing obstruction and strangulation, as already stated,
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are much obliged to Mi-. Macfie for sending \is an intelligent speoch on an
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From the otHcial records I have derived (with permission) the following
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much as Weinnchius. Br. Needham, Bartkolini, and others had 'given
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They stated that out of a number of cases an experienced surgeon would be
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for a very long time they are found occasionally to lose their virulence
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chronic malady, and in some situations takes on the form of papillary
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he won't; we will take occasion to remind him that he is
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first appeared in 1568 with notes in Latin. The second edition was published in 1574 with German
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any part of the body. The prognosis depends upon the condition of
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on an occasional spree and has no particular taste or
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added the work (with a new title-page and " Koyal Privilege ") to his
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