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comprehensive in scope and so promising in results that it is applicable

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secondary period. Still, in no case can positive freedom from tertmry mani-

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ble formulae which cannot fail to be appreciated by any one who

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the hint, and enliven the prose of their prelections, by giving

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supply, nerve irritation, etc. It is always well to

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contained viscera, and to cause death by allowing the protrusion

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the paths of scientific enquiry into natural phenomena.

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College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario in bringing the suit.

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as to the Administration of the Act under which Experi-

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extreme, separation of the epiphyses may result. Sponginess

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Binz, however, does not wish to exclude the possibility of it.

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ciently delicate to detect it in healthy l)lood, when the quantity is kept

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hunting-ground on the skin. The only affections which need be con-

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submitted to a post-mortem, and a large tuberculous abscess was

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Nature and Concept, Terminology, Classification, Definition, Signifi-

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The microorganism which has been shown to he constantly associated

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dulness, apathy, very often also some alteration of speech ; these

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Union medicale for September 28th contains a review of an

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Further patches of inflamed and gangrenous peritoneum

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The heart borders, like those of the lungs, change their position

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edy, which is injurious and dangerous to the patient, there is a short,

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may be obtained by boiling, whereas with cocaine ecgonine is

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Your President and Secretary-Treasurer met at Morehead in July

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which are incited to abnormal growth and proliferation. It is to be borne in

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The work and worry to the profession here in regard to con-

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and hallucinations. Throughout the progress of such cases,

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The shape of the skin flap is so designed that the subsequent

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sive, fetid peritonitis, which could hardly have been of

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was accidentally drawn to thej benefit said to be derived

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brain have then an insubordinate excess of function ; and among these

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forms betray the insufficiency of the organism in the

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has done hundreds of operations with this osteoclast, and has always

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tiply in the blood, would be capable of harm not only

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