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examples, but will take only one. I choose that because it occurred

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bases, which laterally support the thoracic spine, safeguard

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there could hardly be any question of their increase under such con-

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suffered by adults, that the bile is in some manner imperfectly elabo-

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Standardization of Tetanus Antitoxin. — There are four methods of

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the preparation and examination of such specimens, mis-

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gency, in making vaccination a condition for admission

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The sanitary authorities shall decide whether the un-

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found on the terminal segment. This louse, like the

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Chicago M. J. & Exam., 1883, xlvii, 124-128.— IHarstou

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possibly Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from epilepsy without mental

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end of the fifteenth century ? Did it not break out in the Jew-

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at the same temperature. The filtrate should be clear, and yellow

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carcinoma cases only one, the resection of the stomach, survived any

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as a predisposing cause of consumption ; he could see no connection

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what we mean; but we could say, we found the patient partially collapsed

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cine. All who wish to see to what extremes commercial

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allowed to appear, but the operation should be promptly

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the most favored valley in Switzerland, a A'eltliner

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was drained from the front, and the patient made an excellent

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of them. The peculiar poisons of other diseases differ in many

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He was immediately seen by a physician, who prescribed for

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rapid whitening and shrinking of this membrane. The

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literature is reviewed. Emphasis is placed on preoper-

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hemorrhages become more frequent and there is more or less

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The M.B. of London and Durham Universities allows the holder

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In addition to the urine flask there have been other symbols associated with the medical

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arising from occlusion of their bronchial tubes by pus or other

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vasomotor (and convulsive?) centre ; beneath it the

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advantage in treating the rejection phenomenon associated

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* This " plant,'''* as the author calls ^ it, and which, he

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