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i,i which, from neglect of it, the enda of justice have been frequently

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nerve-tubes, sections of ganglia, etc., as observed by

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which she was saved left her in general condition, better fitted

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If there is any food left in the bottle, throw it away; do not give

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Abt. XI. — 1. A Handy Book of Meteorology. By Alkzaitdxb Bvoras,

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So that it seems certain that the growth originated in the

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2. The U.S.P. title of white Castile soap, or a soap

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dead, and regard for the feelings of surviving friends, require that the resting-

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Analyst states that experiments show that there are jasi

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In view of the fact that the highest 2 or 3 inches of the

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with the gouty diathesis. A draught of air, an open window in a train,

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its after-course a double injury, and thus account for the loss

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from what he merely believes on the faith of statements

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denic disease. So wholly different were these appearances from anything

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discussed in all their bearings. They are here treated only to the

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that autopsy has shown, in many cases, sufficient healthy

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bidity, as of 60 per cent, upon the "Archer" and 57 per cent, upon the

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urine from some cause other than nephritis. Chronic prostatitis must

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Its causes are sometimes obscure. The cases that have come to auto[tsy have

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having got drunk, tried to return in the evening, was shot

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there. This method has proved of use in Kraske's operation for

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it is supposed to exercise on the minds of the thriftless poor.

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possible because of the similarity of the lesion with measles

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intoxication at present than ten years ago. There is need, how-

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perfectly clear ; corneal diameter, il mm. ; ant. ch.

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ably iodide of ammonium (ten to twenty grains), every three hours

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hospitals at all for small-pox, with the exception of 100 beds in the hospital

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nation following a ruptured ectopic gestation. She had been collapsed

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