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sewn up, with a subcuticular stitch, or whatever kind of suture may
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S. N. Allen, of AVebber Falls) ; Typhoid Fever, by Dr. J. G.
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to be entirely innocent, producing no disease. In the
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would be more eflTective in preventing the spread of the disease
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locality and season for its recurrence, it being endemical, and
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corporate capacity, and seriously discussed, in order to steps
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CHLORAZENE does not coagulate the albumen of the tissues.
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per cent, fell ill; of the others, 28.8 per cent. A number of instruc-
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diplococcus pneumoniae equina of Cadeac. Symptoms, chill, hyperthermia,
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An" old man was shaving himself one clay before the fire,
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occurred, followed by vomiting of the blood thus swallowed.
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affected, in two places, about three inches apart ; and with the
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third, the deformity is slight. The fibula serves as a splint in re-
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what we mean; but we could say, we found the patient partially collapsed
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solve the powder i^in a small quantity of water so as to make a
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the tongue, and motion of other muscular parts was preserved. On the fol-
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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. A public domain book is one that was never subject
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these cicatrices extend from the hand onto the fingers.
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thus defines neuralgia: "A disease of the nervous system manifesting itself by
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In bad weather,, let them be warmly dad ; but their necks should
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skin, upon which epithelial cells are arranged; the latter is a hollow inversion
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thus happily prerogatived, and enjoy the supremacy of the intel-
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Bourdon inquired whether this application of turpentine had been employed
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in Columbia University, page 192, Volume V, Transac-
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epilepsy are situated either in the cortex itself or immediately subjacent.
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being expelled with the faeces. Before recovery from intus-
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in a wine-glassful of water, every morning, the first thing (fcufting)
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want to get, first show your people why and then when they give you
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cases with enlarged spleens ; or Levico water may be given (blue label) in
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operation is performed. In chyluria there is a marked drain on the
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state of exhaustion with semi-coma following severe infantile diarrha^a,
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gone various treatments. This child was brought to me in
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deficient so that the heart was covered only by the skin, that the heart's
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not very rare. Dr. Minot, of Boston, has reported the case of a child
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seen increased violence of attacks follow its suspension. What would they
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and it is now known that the most characteristic lesions are found in the
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